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Employee and Family Based Services

Short Term, Solution Focused, Personal & Family Counseling

The Alternatives EAP clinical approach is based on the solution focused, goal-oriented model.  Marriage and relationship concerns, family and parenting questions, emotional and stress related issues, alcohol and drug problems, grief and loss, major life transition events, domestic violence, and work-related concerns are a few of the most common challenges addressed. 


Life and Health Coaching

An Alternatives EAP coaching professional will partner with the employee to help produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional life outside of the traditional “counseling” setting.  The coaching program can help enhance the quality of personal and work life.

Legal Consultations and Discounts

The Alternatives EAP Program offers a no charge telephonic legal consultation with an attorney usually in the zip code of the caller, who specializes in the area of the caller’s concern.  The plan covers a wide variety of occurrences including issues involving family and domestic law, wills, power of attorney, medical directives, motor vehicle questions, civil issues, criminal situations, elder law matters, and estate planning.  If the employee chooses to retain the attorney, they will receive a 25% discount off the regular fees. 


Childcare Assistance, Information and Referral

Employees and family members receive up to three hours (per incident) of personalized childcare information and search assistance from a licensed daycare provider, plus valuable information on selecting the provider that best fits the family’s needs.  One-to-one counseling for parenting and other childcare concerns is always available with an Alternatives EAP Counselor.  Use of the service is unlimited during the year.


Eldercare Consultations, Advice and Referral 

The Alternatives EAP team of experienced licensed geriatric specialists provide up to three hours per incident, of personalized assistance for employees with the multitude of responsibilities associated with caring for an aging parent or loved one with special needs. Employees receive direct, hands–on advice via telephone consultations and/or face-to-face visits that includes assessing needs, information, identifying and evaluating licensed facilities or services, assistance with Medicare or Medicaid eligibility, etc.


Grab-A-Ride Program

As part of our commitment to support our client efforts to keep the work family safe and productive, Alternatives EAP will reimburse any employee for cab fare if they have had too much to drink and choose to take a cab, Uber or Lyft home. The reimbursement process is simple and confidential. With a legitimate receipt, Alternatives EAP will pay for a ride home (up to $40.00 for the one-way use of a cab that is homeward bound). This service is for employees only and receipts must be submitted within 90 days of the ride. The service may be utilized up to twice a year.


Personal Money Management Program

The Alternatives EAP Personal Money Management Program was designed to help employees and their covered dependents meet money management challenges head-on. 

The Program has four components:
(1) A coaching program centered on “Building a Workable Home Budget” complete with workbook and work sheets.  
(2) Provides employees and their eligible dependents access to CPA’s and Certified Financial Planners for individualized telephonic consultations and advice in the area of: 

  • Home Budgeting

  • Debt and Loan Consolidation

  • Credit Matters

  • College Funding

  • Retirement Planning

  • Federal & State Tax Concerns

(3) A Fraud Resolution and Identity Theft Assistance Program.
(4) A tax preparation advice and fee discounts program. The program also works with Consumer Credit Counselors nationwide. 

Fraud Resolution and Identity Theft Assistance Program

The Alternatives EAP Fraud Resolution services assist covered members at the inception of a fraud related emergency.  In the event of an identity theft or a fraud related event, a Fraud Resolutions Specialists provide expedient assistance.  Members receive a free consultation of up to (60) minutes with a highly trained Fraud Resolution Specialist™ (FRS) who helps with a number of emergency response activities.  The FRS will assist members with restoring their identity and good credit.  Provide ID theft victims with a free “ID Theft Emergency Response Kit.”  Assist with the costly steps to dispute fraudulent debts and advises employees how to communicate with creditors and collection agencies.  Counsels and provides a document stating the “Preventative Steps” necessary to take in an effort to avoid future ID theft losses and damages to an employee’s/member’s credit score.


Talkspace is an online therapy platform that makes mental healthcare more convenient and accessible by connecting employees and dependents with a network of 4,000+ licensed therapists.


With Talkspace, employees can send unlimited multimedia messages to a therapist via web browser or the Talkspace mobile app — anywhere, anytime.

But what about at work?

Alternatives EAP is ready 24 / 7 to help.

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