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HR Specialists

Alternatives EAP offers professional services to specifically support supervisors, managers, and HR specialists in the workplace.

  • Consultation and coaching for managers

  • Mandatory company referrals

  • Critical incident response and management

  • DOT (Department of Transportation) compliance services

  • Supervisor and manager training

We provide access to needed expertise and critically important resources to help you successfully  navigate delicate compliance issues.  We help your company learn how to comply with all DOT, both Federal and State, statues in the areas of substance abuse policy development and professional services, employee communications, and supervisory training programs.

Log-in to the Members Only section of this website and look for the bright yellow block for HR Specialists packed with valuable resources to help you.

OR call us and we will be happy to assist you!


Below are some of the many ways we can help you create a healthy workplace.


Services for Supervisors, Managers, and HR Specialists

Specially Tailored Implementation Plan

We believe that all organizations are unique and require a tailored approach to properly implement a sound and well-functioning EAP within the organization.  The Alternatives implementation team is headed by an Account Manager who will work closely with the organization’s designated coordinator or team to customize the implementation plan.


Consultations and Coaching for Managers

Alternatives EAP believes that one of its primary strengths from other programs is how it works with the organization in dealing with the problem employee.  Our experienced Account Manager will consult with HR, managers, and supervisors who have questions or concerns regarding employee behavior and making referrals to the EAP.

  • Identifying troubled employees

  • Assessing and documenting employee job performance

  • Developing a plan of action for dealing with the employee’s problems

  • Meeting confidentiality requirements

  • Assessing the threat of harm

Company Referrals (Mandatory, Positive Drug Screen, Behavioral)

Alternatives EAP will assist the organization in managing employee behavioral risk. Our approach to managing job related referrals provides the best opportunity for employer and employee success.

Critical Incident Response & Management

Experienced EAP clinicians, trained in crisis intervention, are available onsite within 24 to 48 hours (in many cases the same day) for immediate trauma/violence counseling and educational sessions for individuals. 

DOT Compliance Services 

Alternatives EAP can provide its clients with DOT compliance services. 

  • DOT certified SAP evaluations and follow-up when needed

  • DOT reasonable suspicion compliance training for managers and supervisors

  • Education compliance programs for DOT covered employees

Supervisor and Manager Training 

Alternatives EAP offers a wide array of training opportunities for managers and supervisors. 
The number of training hours varies by plan.


Account Management

The Alternatives EAP approach to account management is based on our commitment to provide “best in class” service to our client companies. Our Account Manager becomes a proactive contributor to the business and human resource goals of our clients. Your organization will receive an activity report providing data regarding program utilization on a quarterly basis. This quarterly report helps the Alternatives Account Manager and the organization monitor program activities, plan future projects, and implement needed system changes.

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