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Life & Health Coaching

Coaching is a personalized service that helps individuals produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Through the coaching process, individuals expand their learning, change lifestyles, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life.

The Alternatives Life and Health Coaching Program addresses the employee's cognitive processes with special attention to patterns of thinking that can inadvertently stimulate problem feelings and actions which are incompatible with the employee's core values. We focus on teaching the employee to modify unhealthy patterns in thinking which act as the engine for making choices. Without correction, unchecked thinking can too often take the employee down the wrong path. By heightening the employee's self awareness of their potential, we are able to facilitate personal growth that is authentic to the employee's core character. Our goal is to ignite the employee's hope for fulfilling their potential.

The Life and Health Coaching Program focuses on the six areas that our research found to be of most interest to employees as they make important lifestyle changes.

  1. Managing Stress and Building Resiliency
  2. "Kick Butt" Smoking Cessation Program
  3. Achieving a Healthy Weight
  4. Career Strengthening & Performance Improvement
  5. Building Sound Relationships
  6. Managing Life Transitions