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DOT Compliance Service

Substance abuse problems cost U.S. employers billions of dollars each year. Problems relating to on the job accidents, increased medical costs, turnover, production errors, legal risks, low morale, and the related family stresses are just a few examples.

Today's employers cannot afford to allow employee substance abuse problems to threaten safety and productivity. Industries with safety-sensitive employees who are regulated by the Department of Transportation must have specific policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety of their employees, their customers, and the public. Federal regulations require these employers to have a substance abuse policy, implement training for supervisors and managers, provide an information program for employees and in many cases, have the services of a Substance Abuse Professional available.

Since passage of the Drug Free Workplace Act in 1988, Alternatives has been providing its clients with technically sound yet innovative services that has allowed them to comply with all DOT, both Federal and State, statues in the areas of substance abuse policy development, SAP services, employee communications, and supervisory training programs. The Alternatives Drug Free program includes three components:

  1. Assistance in developing a substance abuse policy that is tailored to the specific dynamics of your organization.
  2. A comprehensive Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) service that meets federal regulations.
  3. Training programs that meet federal regulations.